The Genius of Being

    Contemplating the Profound Intelligence of Existence

    While The Book of Not Knowing is already a standout in its field, and Pursuing Consciousness effectively grounds those who have realized some insight in the dfficult work of self-transformation, The Genius of Being extends Ralston's vision beyond these previous works to illuminate further the existential nature of the human experience. The reader is invited to look deeply into the brilliance, or "genius," of this whole business of life and existence, for the purpose of personally experiencing what's true and how it came to be this way.

    Ralston's pragmatic approach to consciousness helps the reader remain grounded even while investigating the entirely overlooked foundations of the world in which we live. Beyond the goal of enlightenment, The Genius of Being introduces some of the unseen elements that create your world. The reader is invited to contemplate and look deeply into subjects such as the origins of self and other, the nature of language and mind, the illusions of space and time, the fundamental nature of experience itself, and more. This is a book that opens into deep contemplations, and is not to be taken lightly.

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