Cheng Hsin: The Principles of Effortless Power This bestseller is the first of its kind, breaking new ground within and beyond the domain of internal martial arts. Communicated here are some of the essential principles and dynamics of body awareness and effective interaction.

    Covered in this book:

    • Five principles of an effortlessly effective body-being;
    • Eight points on body structure;
    • Intrinsic strength;
    • The nature of energy;
    • Four principles of function;
    • Creating ability;
    • The art of fighting;
    • The Principle behind all the principles.

    This is an updated edition and includes new material, including the material in Chapter Nine. The original was first published in 1989.

    Published by North Atlantic Books, 1999
    ISBN: 1-55643-302-6

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    Cheng Hsin: Principles of Effortless Power