Articles and texts relating to Cheng Hsin, by various authors.

The Creation of Cheng Hsin T'ui Shou by Peter Ralston

Cheng Hsin Discoveries and Innovations Compiled by Level III Apprentice-Instructors

Experiencing Empowerment excerpts from the Internal Dialogue Anthology.

Question of Double Weighted An Article written for T'ai Chi Magazine.

The Internal Dialog Anthology

The Internal Dialog Anthology is a collection of articles written by teachers, apprentices and students, about their experiences participating in the work of Cheng Hsin. The anthology was compiled from issues of The Internal Dialogue, the school's newsletter, between 1981 and 1986, and was published in print in 1989.

The Cheng Hsin Handbook

The Cheng Hsin Handbook describes the Cheng Hsin workshops, as well as the structure and content of the Cheng Hsin School. It is presented here in its original format and has not been edited for this website.

The Cheng Hsin Degree System

This section provides detailed information on the current requirements for obtaining ranking and making progress in the Cheng Hsin degree system.

Newletters Archive

Copies of past issues of the Cheng Hsin e-mail Newsletter from Fall 1998 through Winter 2005.

If You Build it, They Will Come

Pictures of building the Center from the ground up, in the pdf: If You Build It, They Will Come.