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    The Art of Effortless Power


    The core of Cheng Hsin is increasing the depth and sensitivity of our conscious awareness through contemplation and experiential investigation of mind, perception, self and Being. Often such pursuits are limited to belief systems and dogma. We aim for a direct personal experience of the truth regarding everything we encounter.

    Cheng Hsin was forged and tested through thousands of hours of contemplation, experimentation, and interactive feedback, where deep understanding emerged and effective study methods were developed to help others experience their own growth and understanding.

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    Effortless Power

    The early discoveries and conscious breakthroughs that founded Cheng Hsin empowered Peter Ralston to become the first non-Asian ever to win the full-contact World Martial Arts Tournament in China in 1978. This victory was ample demonstration that Cheng Hsin is grounded in powerful and effective principles.

    Since those early years, Ralston has developed and distilled his discoveries into The Art of Effortless Power, a somewhat magical, transformative, fun, and extremely effective training ground for body and mind.

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    Cheng Hsin was created by world-renowned Consciousness faciliator and master martial artist Peter Ralston, and is basically about two things: consciousness and mastery.

    These two domains of study complement each other -- one offers insight and breakthrough, the other provides grounded feedback and powerful opportunities for increasing awareness as well as developing physical skill. Deep immersion in this balanced and thorough training of mind and body begins a ripple effect that can transform every facet of self and life.

    The goal of our consciousness work is to experientially penetrate to the heart of mind, self, and life. The goals of the physical work are oriented around developing an effortlessly effective Body-Being and mastering The Art of Effortless Power - the ability to effectively interact using intelligent sensitivity rather than reactive brute strength.

    Whatever the practice, and whether the focus is consciousness or relational skill, all the work of Cheng Hsin is aimed at discovering what is true and what is effective.

    True innovators are, by definition, ahead of their time. Therefore, they remain largely unrecognized, except by a few. How many of us wished we had met Bruce Lee, sat in a session with Carl Jung, or walked around Walden pond with Thoreau?

    Too late for that, but not too late to take notice of Peter Ralston. His creativity, commitment, and clarity shine through his teachings as he articulates higher principles based on direct experience and piercing insight.

    A superlative martial artist and caring teacher, he has been to the mountaintop and bathed in the underground spring of Being. His insights speak to us all.

    Dan Millman  - Author, Way of the Peaceful Warrior

    Following his breakthroughs in consciousness and skill, and through decades of teaching and facilitation, Peter has continued to develop and communicate the great work of Cheng Hsin, to expand and hone The Art of Effortless Power, and to refine and facilitate the workshops for Consciousness and Being.

    In six books, dozens of DVDs, and many workshops and courses, he continues to inform and inspire students around the world. Because he avoids hype and superficiality with a passion, Peter Ralston is not too widely known. Yet among certain circles his reputation is legendary.

    Welcome to the site and to the work of Cheng Hsin. Please browse around and learn more about this powerful investigation of "being," which goes beyond philosophy, dogma, and belief.