The Art of Effortless Power
    Instructional DVDs

    Learn the Art of Effortless Power from the ground up!

    Each DVD (about 1 hour) covers the material of one Level (Kyu) in this Art. The DVD instructs you in the techniques and practices that are necessary to achieve that Level. Once you can perform the material of Level One you can buy the Level Two DVD, and so on. Everyone can buy the Kyu (Level) One DVD.

    Only those who've been tested (either in person or through video) and passed one level will be allowed to purchase the next DVD. Contact Ralston directly to order Kyu 2 and higher.

    Those who have a Degree and have passed all 5 Kyu levels in their degree, can purchase 5 Instructional DVDs at once for $30 each. To purchase five at once, contact me directly: Ralston@ChengHsin.com.

    Inside the U.S. for $35.00

    Level of Study
    or mail a check  

    Make checks payable to "Cheng Hsin" and please be sure to include your current mailing address.
    Mail to:
    Peter Ralston     PO Box 63080     Pipe Creek, TX 78063

    Outside the U.S. for $40.00

    Level of Study
      or contact us directly

    If you live outside of the USA, please use the BUY NOW button above. Otherwise, please contact us directly for pricing and payment details.
    Email to:   Ralston@ChengHsin.com