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    Experiencing the Nature of Being

    Seeing the great success that so many people have had with the Cheng Hsin eCourses during the past few years, it has become clear that a dedicated individual can genuinely grasp some of the most important aspects of Cheng Hsin without necessarily attending a workshop. We've just spent the last 10 months creating a digital version of the most transformative ontological course in Cheng Hsin. So I've got great news for anyone committed enough to work their way through it: The powerful workshop that we call Experiencing the Nature of Being is now available as a home study course. The DVD workshop is demanding and it's long, but for those who simply cannot make it to the ENB during the Cheng Hsin Retreat, it is now a possibility.


    It's true that coming to the center is still the best option, since we can offer you live interaction and facilitation, and a solid structure to help prevent you from being thwarted or even defeated by your own resistance. But especially now that The Book of Not Knowing is available, I feel that people will have the tools to make this work real for themselves, to "participate" by studying the book and then creating a personal experience through the DVDs.

    Please understand that transforming your own consciousness is serious work, whether you come to the Center or take it on at home. This course was carefully created so that you and a partner are able to participate in the entire workshop from beginning to end. Since I wanted it to be of the same depth and quality as our usual live endeavor, we recorded an entire workshop, and then edited that material down. Even after editing, the DVD course is quite long — 36 hours on 26 disks, with a recommended additional 32 hours of exercises. Also included is a manual with guidelines and instructions, and I'll be available, as always, for e-mail questions if it becomes necessary. But keep in mind that this method will require that you create a serviceable schedule and you maintain the discipline to systematically progress through the material.

    Most of the exercises are diads — meaning that two people sit across from each other, one person listening quietly while the other communicates whatever the exercise instructs. After a pre-set time period, usually about 5 minutes, these roles are reversed. (In the beginning of the work, you will learn how to listen and also how to do powerful diads.) Once an exercise is done, the participants will return to the DVD and continue with the study.

    Obviously there can be no live facilitation, but the good news is that this method leaves you free of time constraints. This means that any of the more challenging and deep material can be repeated as often as you like before you and your partner continue. If you have no experience with ontological investigations, don’t worry, you will be guided through all you need to know. The course includes many dialogues with participants as I work to facilitate understanding, and so there is a sense of intimacy in watching the DVDs. You'll have the benefit of guided meditations, as well as the chance to hear questions from a diverse group of other participants as they strive to truly grasp and experience what's being addressed.

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    The cost of the entire course is: $1,335. This price covers two people so that you can do the many exercises which constitute approximately half of the course. It also includes domestic shipping costs (international students add: $40).

    Many of the year-long ontological eCourses cost around $600, so for two people this is about the same price as an eCourse, but this “course” not only includes the DVDs and manual, it offers a depth unprecedented in any course or workshop ever created heretofore. We’re keeping the price down so that everyone serious about this work can participate.

    Order this course here or if you live in the US you can send a check made out to “Cheng Hsin,” and sent to: Peter Ralston, PO Box 63080, Pipe Creek, TX 78063. This will begin the process of getting this powerful course to you.

    See some clips from the 26 disk home study course. Read more about the week-long course at the Cheng Hsin Center.

    If you’d like more information about the course or have any questions, feel free to contact Peter Ralston at Ralston@ChengHsin.com.