Home Study Courses

    Getting access to quality Cheng Hsin instruction is getting easier!

    Until a few years ago, the only way to study and progress in Cheng Hsin was to attend workshops or join schools or clubs. With advances in technology, and a lot of work done to prepare the material, much of this study can be taken on at home. It still takes discipline, but you can proceed at your own pace and choose your own environment.

    You can now learn the entire Art of Effortless Power, transform your body-being, and personally probe the deepest levels of self, mind, and Consciousness all in the comfort of your own home!

    Experiencing the Nature of Being DVD course

    Experiencing the Nature of Being is the name of the extremely intense and effective, week-long workshop that communicates the fundamental core of the Cheng Hsin Consciousness work.

    The entire ENB workshop has been recorded and edited to create a complete course of study that can be done at home. It includes a manual and 26 DVDs that take you step by step through the whole workshop, including exercises and contemplations, guiding your consciousness to experience the nature of self, perception, being, and the human condition.

    Taking on this study will lead you to discover a depth of conscious insight rarely achieved by most people, freeing you from unconscious and ineffective limitations, and reducing your level of suffering. Along with The Book of Not Knowing — and to a lesser degree, the books Ancient Wisdom, New Spirit, and Reflections of Being — this Course offers a remarkable opportunity for unparalleled insight and personal transformation.

    It’s a serious course that will take dedication and attention, but it is really worth it. The effects of participation in the ENB are life-altering, and we wanted to make it available to those who cannot attend in person.

    The Art of Effortless Power Degree Instruction DVDs

    Each aspect of the Art of Effortless Power can be studied through Instructional DVDs.

    The Art is divided into eight Degrees and subdivided into 30 levels, or Kyus. These levels are steps designed to progressively lead the student through the techniques, skills, games, and developments necessary to master this Art. (You will need to find yourself a partner and some form of mats.)

    Each DVD contains instruction in one Kyu level. Once you learn what’s outlined in a DVD, you must plan for and take a test with Peter to move on.

    You can test with Peter in person at the Spring Retreat, a summer camp or Fall Retreat, or via a facilitated video submission. Get in touch with Peter for details about the video testing.

    If you pass, you will receive a Certificate for that Level, so you can move on to the next one. With the books and DVDs you can proceed at your own pace and make a great deal of progress in these Arts.


    At the moment, there are three possibilities for home study, the eCourses, the ENB at Home Course with its DVD set, and the the Art of Effortless Power Degree Study with Instructional DVDs.

    For many more dvd-based home study opportunites you can check out the many instructional DVD's available.

    Five in-depth, year-long eCourses, and two much shorter six-week eCourses are available for home participation. For the motivated self-starter, these provideg you a daily study and practice, ensuring progress for the diligent student. The eCourses focus on topics ranging from working on understanding and transforming your mind and self, to systematically training and re-creating the way you use your body.

    The eCourses are designed to be done during your regular life activities and usually only require a small amount of extra time. Each week you receive a new lesson plan instructing you in what to study, contemplate, or train throughout that week. If you get stuck on some matter, Peter is available to help you get back on track. Most of the “work” is designed to help you transform your experience in the very process of living your life.

    The Art can be studied through Instructional DVDs, the Consciousness work can be begun through The Book of Not Knowing and pursued in the ENB (Experiencing the Nature of Being) DVD Course, and several eCourses are available offering even more ontological work, as well as courses in relational effectiveness, body-being transformation and more. In short, you can study a lot at home.

    If possible it is still best to participate in live events, either before or after completion of at-home courses. Feedback and personal attention, as well as interacting with others pursuing the same goals, are always the strongest and most effective, way to progress quickly. But progress at home is possible, and is especially effective in combination with regular visits to camps and workshops. Serious Cheng Hsin students take on all these opportunities, bringing the work more fully into their lives by continuing their study year round. The more you put into the study of Cheng Hsin, the more you get out — it's truly transformational.