Effortless Power Training Camp

    Study and Train Effortless Power

    This week visits the Art of Effortless Power, specializing in developing and mastering the effortless power that we use in all Cheng Hsin martial Arts. We will cover the fundamentals of the Cheng Hsin Body-Being that are so integral to this work, learn a mini-T'ai Chi set to help us train our body-mind in a solo practice, and we'll touch on the basic interactive principles and practices that exemplify and set apart this Art.

    There is a naturally occurring power already present in the body. By training proper structure and energy alignment, we can take this intrinsic strength to its maximum effectiveness: the "magic" of Effortless Power.

    Whether your goal is mastery of the Art or simply more effective use of the body, this training will help immensely. This workshop can serve as an introduction to the Art of Effortless Power or an advanced training for more experienced students.

    Everyone benefits by training the use of intrinsic strength. It's fun, it applies to almost any activity, and the practice is energizing as well as beneficial to the body. We'll look into key principles such as alignment and balance and discover the crucial role they play in being effortlessly effective. We'll also visit the essential principles of movement and interaction, and use a cross section of techniques from the Art of Effortless Power to further our understanding, while gentle games and exercises help us find and train effortless power in action.

    No previous experience is necessary. Everything you need to know will be taught at the camp. Advanced students will benefit from the focused training that we will undertake throughout the week.


    Generally, the day will begin at 8:30am, after breakfast, and end around 9:00pm Roughly eight hours of instruction and training will occur each day.


    We will provide sleeping bags, pillows, and foam pads, and a place to sleep. We have showers, dressing rooms and toilets. We also have a small refrigerator and a microwave, but meals will be provided.


    Read and study the Cheng Hsin books: "Zen Body-Being" the whole book; "The Principles of Effortless Power" at least the chapters 1-4 and 9; and "The Art of Effortless Power" Chapter 1, and study some of the technique descriptions. Watch the video, "An Introduction to the Arts of Cheng Hsin," to orient yourself to the language and direction of my work.

    And study the "Kyu One Instructional DVD" or higher.


    Will depend on how early you send in your deposit. An early deposit secures a space at the least cost. See the accompanying insert for exact costs and dates.


    The EPT will be held at the Cheng Hsin Center in Pipe Creek, Texas. (In the hills outside of San Antonio)

    The Cheng Hsin Fall Series:

    This is a four-week period starting with a week-long the EPT, followed by three weeks of Consciousness work: "Experiencing the Nature of Being," "The Consciousness Training Camp," and finally for deep introspection it ends with a powerful week-long "Contemplation Intensive." No previous experience is necessary for any of these, but it is highly recommended that you do the ENB before doing the CTC.

    What's Included:

    The cost of the martial sections includes room and board, a huge space with good mats, and 8-10 hours of daily instruction in the best art in the world, by the best teacher in the world.

    For those with the courage to participate in the ontology work, the cost includes room and board plus a guided tour of your own consciousness by one of the most riveting and focused teachers you will ever encounter.

    Signing Up:

    It is important for us to know in advance the number of people who intend to come. Please let us know as soon as possible that you are interested. To secure the most inexpensive fee available, a nonrefundable deposit is due far in advance. For exact amounts and dates, follow the registration link above to see all the registration details.

    It is difficult to convey the real scope and depth of this retreat. If you have any questions after reading this material, please feel free to contact us: Ralston@ChengHsin.com