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I wanted to update you on my contemplation

of who I am and ask for some guidance. I’ve realized that when I’m looking for who is aware, I’ve had this assumption in the back of my mind to look for “something” in the back of my head that’s seeing and experiencing the world. In my contemplation today I dropped that that assumption and I got disorientated. I started to feel that the question “who is aware” didn’t make any sense…what I’m I even looking for? I don’t know where to focus my attention now and I feel confusion. Things aren’t making sense, how can I be experiencing this world, yet still not find a me in it?

How should I keep on proceeding with this? Am I going in the right direction? What should I focus on looking for, if I’m not I’m not looking for a subject that is experiencing everything? It also took me a while to uncover this assumption that I should be looking for “something” in the back of my head that is experiencing the world. Do you have any other assumptions that you think I should be aware of during this type of contemplation?

Thank you for all your help!



You’re doing fine, discovering assumptions such as that is a good step. You must discover any other assumptions on your own, my giving you ideas won’t help and will just get in the way. But there are others. The point isn’t so much trying to uncover assumptions, although that can be useful on its own, the focus of your contemplation should be on discovering the truth. Focus on whatever is there as you (and there is always a you there, otherwise I’d ask: who’s listening to me now?) but be open at the same time.


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