Consciousness Exercise What is a way that you are in life that seems characteristic to you? This could be anything from ways of thinking to emotional patterns, behaviours or particular quirks of you. Look at that way of being. What does it get you? What is doing for you? What is it maintaining? Learn more at […]

Consciousness Exercise Bring to mind your general experience of how you relate to others. Are there any ways that seem particularly ineffective? How about ways that are effective? What is it you want to get out of interacting like that? What does it actually get you? Learn more at Join the discussion on Facebook with Conscious Dialogues. […]

Consciousness Exercise Say you’re an internal, separate person that lives inside their body, behind the eyes and between the ears. What happens if you change perspective to that of being the body, and not having an “internal space” to reside within? What is that like? What’s it like to move as the body? To speak? […]

Consciousness Exercise When you’re doing a task of some kind that you’re resisting in some way, what is going through your head? Do you complain, or beat yourself up, or try and make yourself wrong, or not good enough about it? If that is going on, what happens when you move to an attitude of […]

Consciousness Exercise When you think of yourself, what comes to mind? What do you want, dislike, fear, enjoy, relate to? All of these things influence how you perceive and relate to yourself. What story do you have that goes along with that? What do you identify as yourself in that? Learn more at Join the discussion […]

Consciousness Exercise Do you trust yourself? If you break your word to yourself, or lie in some way, can you trust yourself? Do you know when you’re being dishonest with yourself? What do you need do in order to trust yourself? What has to happen?   Find out more at PersonalEmpowerment.Me. Join the discussion on Facebook […]

Consciousness Exercise Look at how trust shows up in your experience. What do you need from others in order to trust them? What breaks your trust with others? What has to happen in order to build or lose trust with someone, or a company, or a group of people?   Find out more at PersonalEmpowerment.Me. Join […]

Consciousness Exercise Giving your word is a “speech act,” it’s actually an action. If you give your word and then don’t keep it, clearly you’ve broken your word. The only way people know you is through your words and actions. What impact does that have on how you relate to people and how others relate to […]

Consciousness Exercise Ask yourself, what is an emotion? Where does an emotion come up in your experience? What is it doing? See if you can find in your experience where each emotion is coming from, where is that place?   Find out more at PersonalEmpowerment.Me. Join the discussion on Facebook with Conscious Dialogues.  

Consciousness Exercise If someone keeps their word, they’re much more able to be collaborated with and to create or participate in projects or other endeavours. What is it like when you can trust someone to keep their word? How does this affect how you relate to them?   Find out more at PersonalEmpowerment.Me. Join the discussion […]