Transforming Your Experience of Life

(Spring Retreat)

This workshop is about undertaking a shift in perspective that will change your fundamental experience of self and life. The TEL workshop is related to the basic transformation communications found in the book Pursuing Consciousness: The Book of Enlightenment and Transformation.

Our most common self-experience is based on a sense of separation coupled with an activity that produces a rather small and isolated domain of self. This fails to produce the satisfaction or happiness that we seek, and always will. So understanding this overlooked dynamic that so influences our experience is necessary to help us reverse this automatic tendency.

Our predisposition toward this self-introversion is further aggravated by unseen existential assumptions regarding some form of lack in our “person.” These assumptions are automatically reinforced by a closed loop of self-referencing perceptions. One of our goals in this workshop is to understand and expose these activities for what they are, and begin to free ourselves of them.

Since our experience of life is so closely related to our experience of each other, creating a new context for relating to others will transform our experience of self and life. Arising within our new context is a much deeper and more real level of communication, assisting us in reducing our sense of separation. Living in a world where “we are all in it together” forms a new experience of life and self.

We’ve all tried to change something in ourselves and fallen short, or after some time, reverted back to old ways. Come to the workshop. Together we’ll discover what this is all about in such a way that you will never be the same.

Some of the goals to be achieved in this workshop:

  • Transcend “Self Introversion”
  • Become free of the closed loop of self-referencing perception
  • Let go of existential assumptions of brokenness
  • Immerse yourself in the truth about self and other
  • Create a new Context for relating to others and life
  • Increase your ability for real communication
  • Reduce your sense of isolation and separation

The work becomes real out of your willingness to engage in a deeply honest level of questioning and communication.

We question not for an answer but to experience the truth.

If such an undertaking sounds appealing to you, I invite you to participate in the TEL workshop in spring.

Workshop Format:

The workshop will run from early morning until late at night. Sometimes you will be sitting for long periods before a break. As a participant, you will be listening to powerful communications by the facilitator and considering deeply what is presented.

In consciousness workshops there are:

  • Dialogues with the facilitator
  • Contemplation and communication with a partner
  • Guided meditations
  • Communication with the group
  • Solo contemplation
  • Readings, lectures, and numerous other exercises

Cheng Hsin consciousness work is INTENSE and demands your attention, energy, and commitment. The only other requirement is to be here.

If you’re up for a mind-blowing adventure, consider yourself invited to this powerful event.

It is difficult to convey the real scope and depth of this retreat. If you have any questions after reading this material, please feel free to Contact Us.