Past Participant Pictures

Seven Day Contemplation Intensive in California, 2000
Cheng Hsin T'ui Shou & San Shou Workshop in Madison, 2000
Cheng Hsin T'ui Shou Camp in Holland, Sept. 2000
Cheng Hsin Basic Principles Workshop in London, 2000
Rochester, New York, 2000
California Cheng Hsin T'ui Shou Camp, 2000
Cheng Hsin T'ui Shou and San Shou in Erie, Oct. 2000
Ralston's Private Group, California 2000
Cheng Hsin Retreat 2002
Cheng Hsin Retreat 2002 -- martial participants
Cheng Hsin Retreat 2002 -- ontology participants
Cheng Hsin Retreat Month-Long Martial Camp 2004
Apprentices 2004, smiling
Apprentices 2004, with swords
Apprentices 2004, closing
Apprentices 2006
Apprentices 2006, with gloves
Apprentices, 2008
Apprentices 2008, work crew