Peter Ralston

Inviting you to move toward a more authentic, present, and direct experience of self and life

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to get to the truth of the human condition, beyond beliefs, opinions, or hearsay—to facilitate a personal and deep experiential understanding of your true nature, what makes you tick, or how you can improve your ability to learn or master anything.

We are NOT a belief system, we are NOT a cult, we don’t support fantasies or airy-fairy ideas that suggest you can improve your experience by being fed a pipe dream. We are not therapy. Instead, we’re grounded in the pursuit of a first-hand genuine investigation of whatever is true about whatever subject is tackled. Our commitment is to what is true and real, not what is believed or hoped.

This involves real work, not wishful thinking. The vast majority of so-called “spiritual” or human growth movements are really just belief systems. They may sound promising and have an uplifting or convincing message, but if you listen carefully they are only selling a bill of goods. The unspoken and overlooked truth is that no belief system can ever really change you or increase your consciousness, since it is just hearsay and therefore simply a concept that is external to you, and not something personally and directly experienced by you.

Our commitment is to help you realize for yourself what is true within you and beyond you, not to sell you a fantasy. The subjects we pursue range from grasping the truth about the nature of existence and the human condition, to simply what’s true about the principles governing effective interaction, communication, learning, or whatever subject matter is being addressed.


Cheng Hsin is designed to move people toward a more “real,” direct, and present experience of self and life. Using open investigation, contemplation, personal experimentation, and powerful questioning we pursue transformation, effectiveness, and a direct experience of the nature of Being.

“Cut through the fantasies that accompany all teachings and go after and eradicate every belief that you can possibly identify. Set out to directly and authentically experience for yourself what is true in the world”

— Peter Ralston

Explore Consciousness

  • Move beyond the habitual perceptions that limit us, our relationships and our lives
  • Increase your ability to really communicate with others
  • Reduce your sense of separation
  • Explore the way perception creates our experience of self and others

Explore Physical Skill

  • Feel what it’s like to move with skill, grace, and power
  • Explore a new understanding of skill
  • Work toward physical and mental mastery
  • Feel an increase in vitality and awareness

What People Say

“Cheng Hsin offers a powerful approach to increasing consciousness in both the practical aspects of day to day life and in more profound “spiritual” matters.  I am a doctor working in mental health and find Cheng Hsin to offer unique benefits.  There have been considerable positive changes, from something simple like being more organised to being more open, honest, and connected in important relationships in my life”

~Dr Greg Been

 “Working with Peter changed the way I move my body. I exercise, dance, and live differently. It’s not only a powerful way to live in a body but a powerful way to live. His knowledge and application of body mechanics is more relevant than anything I learned in seven years of medical education.”

~Katie McQueen MD