Residency Programs

The epitome of Cheng Hsin study is taking on one of the Residency Programs. These are by far the best and fastest way to study both the Arts of Cheng Hsin and our transformative Consciousness work. Participants in these programs live at the center and are under the direct daily tutelage of Peter Ralston.

There are two Apprentice Programs. One is centered on learning and increasing skill in the Arts of Cheng Hsin. The other is centered on increasing one’s level of Consciousness, and the ability to “live” and share this consciousness with others.

While they differ in focus, all of these Programs concentrate on transforming the individual, assisting them in developing into a more real and honest person. This is the most important aspect of these Programs. Whether the avenue is serious martial study or profound mind and consciousness work, personal confrontation is the norm and personal transformation the objective.

All of these programs are very intense and effective. The length is eight months or three months. Make no mistake, they are highly disciplined and challenging, and may frequently be difficult. Yet if this is something that calls to you, and you feel up to it, let us know and we will begin the process of making it happen for you.