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Why should I do a workshop?

The Spring Retreat

As always, the month-long format provides a comprehensive study of interrelated facets of the Cheng Hsin work.

Week 1Experiencing the Nature of Being (ENB)

Week 2Transforming your Experience of Life (TEL)

Week 3Insight and Enlightenment Workshop (IEW)

Week 4Art of Effortless Power 1 (EPC 1)

Week 5– Art of Effortless Power 2 (EPC 2)

The Fall Retreat

The Cheng Hsin Fall Series takes place each year in October and consists of four consecutive workshops exploring the Cheng Hsin Consciousness work.

Workshop 1: Communication and Relationship Workshop (C&R)

Workshop 2: Experiencing the Nature of Being (ENB)

Workshop 3: Transcending Self Workshop (TSW)

Workshop 4: Contemplation Intensive (CI) 

Workshop 5: (2021 only) We are doing a two week CI. If you want to sign up for that please CONTACT US.

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NEW, Private live-in groups with Ralston.

I would like to work with serious and committed people in a more organic way in private groups. If you are interested in this possibility, see the requisites and outline below.
Hope you can join us.

In order to work with Ralston in a private group, all candidates must have done at least the ENB workshop, a CI, and one other Cheng Hsin week-long consciousness workshop. These are requisite for working with Ralston directly—more than the minimum is recommended. If you haven’t yet met these requirements, your first task is to do so.

Having met these requirements, if you are interested and committed you can ask to work with him for a minimum of 1 week and up to a maximum of 8 months (which would include the spring and fall retreats). When we have enough people ready to commit to the same length of time, we’ll schedule the dates. Participants need to be flexible on dates so that it can work out for everyone.

Let us know you are interested and the length of time you want to study, give a general idea of the time(s) of year between March and November that you are available (and remember the times have to match the others so be generous and open to possibilities).

Ralston will create a schedule and you will be doing exercises throughout the day and addressing material you’ll be working on in the evenings with him; plus you’ll be doing several CCEs and solo contemplations each day.

For the first week participants will come a day early to buy and sort out food. For all weeks, participants will cook their own meals, keep the meditation hall clean, and after the first week, they will help out around the center with simple maintenance.

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