New! Winter Retreat


For the first time in over 20 years we are offering a Winter Retreat. We have moved the Body Consciousness and the Art of Effortless Power workshops to the winter, and have also brought back the incomparable Boxing Intensive. See below for details, and join us this winter.

Body Consciousness Camp (BCC)

(Week One)

Body Consciousness is a new workshop that applies consciousness to your experience of the body. Here, you will increase your awareness and sensitivity to your own body, and learn how to best use it and live in it. Your body is where all life takes place, it is the source of your life! It shouldn’t be overlooked or taken for granted. Being conscious and more aware of the body and how it works definitely improves your experience of life. 

Increasing body awareness and sensitivity, and developing abilities most people lack, improves many aspects of life! You will learn how to use the body more effectively and effortlessly, as well as more powerfully. This workshop combines contributions from a study of anatomy, physiology, psychology, spirituality, meditation, mind control, and tons of experiential investigations into the nature and principles of the body and how it works most effortlessly and effectively. Join us in this new adventure. 

Body Consciousness Camp Review

Art of Effortless Power (Art 1)

(Week Two)

In this part of the Retreat we devote time to study the Art of Effortless Power. The practice and study of this Art goes beyond learning about skillful interaction and effortless power, it deepens one’s consciousness and awareness of their own body and improves how the body functions. In a new approach to teaching, Ralston also intends to use the Art as a means to reveal limits in the students’ experience and to create new openings for experience outside these limits assisting participants in their personal growth while they develop greater skills and learning about an effortless body-being and effective interaction.

We are offering additional advanced training in the art after the retreat. If you would like to sign up please contact us.


(Week Three)

Join us for the finest instruction in the striking arts to be found anywhere in the world. Cheng Hsin boxing arts are unmatched in their depth of intelligence and level of understanding about the nature of effective interaction. Not only do we develop effortless punches and learn invincible defenses, our strategic understanding, especially in the advanced stages, plumbs rarely visited domains of human mind and perception, not to mention physics and physiology.

Art of Effortless Power Second Week (ART 2)

(Week Four)

**We are offering an optional additional week of Martial Training. If you would like to join us for this week please CONTACT US.

The Retreat Space

This retreat will be held on a private 14 acre property. Breaks should be refreshing and relaxing. The schedule leaves some room for swimming and introspection as you reflect on the work and soak in the experiences of the day.

What’s Included:

The cost of the martial sections includes instruction, room and board, a huge space with good mats. For those with the courage to participate in the consciousness work, the cost includes room and board plus a guided tour of your own consciousness by one of the most riveting and focused teachers you will ever encounter.

The Center

Our center includes a 40×80 foot hall with kitchen, showers, sinks, and toilets. Participants will be housed in the building, or in large tent-cabins, and provided with a huge cot, foam, sleeping bag, pillow and lights. There is also a large swimming pool and hot tub.

Signing Up:

To secure the most inexpensive fee available, a non-refundable deposit is due far in advance. For exact dates and amounts go to registration, and for dates see the Schedule of Events.