Body Consciousness Camp

Peter Ralston Body with Book

Body Consciousness is a brand new workshop.

Applying consciousness to your experience of the body.

Body Consciousness is a new workshop that applies consciousness to your experience of the body. Here, you will increase your awareness and sensitivity to your own body, and learn how to best use it and live in it. Your body is where all life takes place, it is the source of your life! It shouldn’t be overlooked or taken for granted. Being conscious and more aware of the body and how it works definitely improves your experience of life. 

Notice that your relationships with others and your environment occurs through your body interacting with others and objects in some way. Without a body that couldn’t happen. You live life through your body. You also couldn’t have or discern a mind or emotions in others, which defines most of your social life. Increasing body awareness and sensitivity, and developing abilities most people lack, improves many aspects of life!

You will learn how to use the body more effectively and effortlessly, as well as more powerfully. You will develop skills such as being able to feel and connect with another’s whole body, or any object. You will explore how the mind can create many skills and powers that most people don’t have. You’ll learn about correct structure, and the principles that make a huge difference in both body and mind. You will become more aware of your environment, three-dimensions, and increase your perceptive faculties. You will improve your level of sensitivity, awareness, enhance and enlivening your nervous system, develop greater mind control, and much more. You will learn more than you imagine is possible, and ground it in real experience, not just beliefs. 

This workshop combines contributions from a study of anatomy, physiology, psychology, spirituality, meditation, mind control, and tons of experiential investigations into the nature and principles of the body and how it works most effortlessly and effectively. Although we tend to take our bodies for granted and consider them just a tool, when we look deeply into it, it turns out to be mind-blowingly complex and sophisticated, with far more potential than we normally access. 

Sound like an essential study you would benefit from? Join us in this new adventure.