Cheng Hsin

The Cheng Hsin Fall Retreat

SPECIAL WORKSHOP OFFER FOR 2020 ONLY: This year’s Fall retreat will include the Transforming Experience of Life Workshop.

The Cheng Hsin Fall Series takes place each year in October and consists of four consecutive workshops exploring the Cheng Hsin Consciousness work.

We start with a three day Communication and Relationship workshop, created by Peter Ralston but facilitated by Brendan Lea. Following this warm up we move on to the most central and indispensable consciousness workshop of Cheng Hsin, Experiencing the Nature of Being (ENB). It is the foundational, must-do workshop that can be repeated several times. It is the week that most closely relates to the material expressed in The Book of Not Knowing. Following the ENB is a brand new workshop called Transcending Self (TSW), and then the Contemplation Intensive (CI).

Though each of these workshops can be done alone, they are designed for consecutive study. We recommend that you participate in the entire three and a half weeks. Taken together, the Fall Series is a powerful and transformative investigation of consciousness. Use the links nearby to get more details about the workshops in the series, to download brochures, and to register.

Communication and Relationship

(Opening Week)

Communication is essential to our ability to live in the world with others effectively. Yet, despite its critical role, most of us don’t know what communication is; or that much of what we call communication, isn’t.

It could be said that the quality of our lives and relationships is a direct result of our ability to communicate. This workshop isn’t about learning some handy techniques or just improving our current modes of relating. Instead, we’ll expand our understanding by delving deeply into the source of the miraculous possibility that is real communication.

Relationship: Rather than just learning to better manipulate others, we learn to empower relationships, particularly those whose purpose is some form of partnership, of working together toward life goals. This domain of relationship includes marriage, friendships, family, and so forth. We also deal with those interactions that incidentally support or conflict with life our goals – acquaintances, adversaries, and all those who constitute our social sphere.

Rather than assume that we know what relationship is or how best to communicate, we come at it freshly and study what these are. Through lecture, dialogue, and exercises, we look into what we currently believe and experience communication and relationship to be. By isolating the major blocks to effective communication, we can recognize to what degree we engage in ineffectively getting our ideas and feelings across to others.

Transforming Experience of Life

(Special offer for 2020 only)

This workshop is about undertaking a shift in perspective that will change your fundamental experience of self and life. Our most common self-experience is based on a sense of separation that fails to produce the happiness that we seek, and always will. Since our experience of life is so closely related to our experience of each other, creating a new context for relating to others will transform our experience of self and life. Some of what we will work on: Transcend “Self Introversion” Become free of the closed loop of self-referencing perception Let go of existential assumptions of brokenness Immerse yourself in the truth about self and other Create a new Context for relating to others and life Increase your ability for real communication Reduce your sense of isolation and separation

Experiencing the Nature of Being

(Week Two)

This workshop was designed by Peter as a concentrated experiential inquiry into the nature of Being.

Make no mistake about it, the aim is for you to have a direct experience of the nature of yourself and Being. Everyone is welcome to do this work.

Some essential considerations in the ontological work.

  • Investigating Mind
  • Uncovering the Roots of Emotion
  • Transcending Limitations
  • Awakening Insight
  • Expanding Perceptive Abilities
  • Becoming Powerfully Present
  • Discovering True Self-Awareness

Transcending Self Workshop

(Week Three)

This new workshop goes deeply into the existential origins of the elements necessary to produce what you experience as the world in which you live—your experience of you, others, and life as you live it. In this workshop you will stretch far beyond anything humans have confronted or collectively understood heretofore..

Contemplation Intensive

(Week Four)

A highly structured week of contemplating from dawn to late at night. This deep and focused questioning is an essential tool for increasing consciousness. Our main exercise is a diad where partners contemplate and then communicate to a non-judgmental, silent listening partner.

The Retreat Space

This retreat will be held on a private 14 acre property. Breaks should be refreshing and relaxing. The schedule leaves some room for swimming and introspection as you reflect on the work and soak in the experiences of the day.

What’s Included:

The cost of the martial sections includes instruction, room and board, a huge space with good mats. For those with the courage to participate in the consciousness work, the cost includes room and board plus a guided tour of your own consciousness by one of the most riveting and focused teachers you will ever encounter.

The Center

Our center includes a 40×80 foot hall with kitchen, showers, sinks, and toilets. Participants will be housed in the building, or in large tent-cabins, and provided with a huge cot, foam, sleeping bag, pillow and lights. There is also a large swimming pool and hot tub.

Signing Up:

To secure the most inexpensive fee available, a non-refundable deposit is due far in advance. For exact dates and amounts go to registration, and for dates see the Schedule of Events.