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Cheng Hsin consciousness work is unparalleled in my experience, for enabling workshop participants and long-term students to continue to transform their lives, experience the joy of being, and pursue mastery. Rather than prescriptive practices and beliefs, Cheng Hsin is an open invitation to investigate, contemplate and directly experience the truth. What I find most remarkable is that the actual experience matches the invitation - it does what it says on the packet - if you bring your own commitment. I highly recommend Cheng Hsin consciousness work as a practice to anyone who is ready to experience the truth, and open to what it and they could be.
Andrew Outhwaite
Perth, Australia

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The Cheng Hsin books can generally be divided into work on the body and work on the mind. It is rare, however, that either of these two subjects is treated exclusively. Whether the focus is the body, skill, or consciousness, these books offer a look into various aspects of this powerful work.

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Get Into It

To get immediate value from this work, either consciousness or skill, you are invited to take any assertion from one of the books or one of our videos and question for yourself what is true. Discuss it with others, create a dialogue that will deepen your understanding—work toward direct experience, not beliefs, opinions, or dogma. 

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We make posts online from the Blog and YouTube Channel. You can help by sharing these with people you know and posting links to the content on either your blog, facebook page, twitter, instagram or any other social media platform. This can help bring awareness and create a stronger online presence. The idea here is to expose new people to the material that may not otherwise see or know about it.

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Teach Others

If you are somebody who has studied with us, there is an opportunity for you to begin teaching. If you haven’t studied with us then the first thing to do is come participate in at least three consciousness workshops or get a degree in the Art.

Become an Increasing Consciousness Group Leader. (See Below)

Become a Trainer in “the Art” of Effortless Power.

Become a serious Cheng Hsin Martial Teacher or Consciousness Facilitator. (This would require a huge commitment on your part!)

First action to take: Contact us and communicate your intent.