What’s in this video?

  • Clips from Peter Ralston’s full contact fight in 1978.
  • A segment of a free play session with Ralston and a student.
  • A demonstration of a cross section of Cheng Hsin techniques and games from the 2006 Martial Apprentice Program.

The “Fight” aspect is footage from Ralston’s first fight in the 1978 World Tournament. The quality of the video is terrible. It is still visible, however, and you might find it interesting.

The “Play” section is from an Art of Effortless Power Camp in Hawaii, 1997. Ralston demonstrates several techniques and games, and a round of freeplay.

Finally, the “Demo” section are demonstrations by the 2006 Apprentices of The Arts of Cheng Hsin. They demonstrate The Art of Effortless Power techniques from basic to advanced, show a few rounds of t’ui shou versus striking, and lay out some of the fundamentals of Cheng Hsin Boxing.


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