Consciousness Audio Course
(55 Random Lessons)

The Consciousness Audio-Course consists of lessons, lectures, and dialogues by Peter Ralston on subjects ranging from:

  • contemplation
  • transformation
  • perception
  • enlightenment
  • death
  • The many challenges that face us in our efforts to increase consciousness.

These audio-files were taken from live interactions and discussions with students, often apprentices.

The lessons don’t follow a planned progression, but rather move from subject to subject. However, there are general themes that do build somewhat, such as working on transformation or discovering more and more about the nature and design of our perceptive experience.

At times the “Bull” is mentioned as a reference indicating the domination of self-survival in our experience of the entire world. This Bull metaphor is revisited several times in the series. The intent of the course is to keep active considerations coming to you weekly, involving you in subjects you may not have considered investigating before.

Being involved, even if only peripherally, in these conscious relationships empowers your own contemplations, and provides you with a wider range of ideas as you listen to Ralston’s lectures and dialogues with others.

What do I get?

  • The length of each lesson ranges from 15 to 35 minutes.
  • There are 55 lessons in this series.
  • One file will be sent out once a week for 55 weeks, to those who sign up for the course.

Cost $215