Experiencing the Nature of Being Audio Course - The Entire Workshop In 50 Lessons

The most central and powerful consciousness workshop done at Cheng Hsin is Experiencing the Nature of Being. If you’ve been involved with us in any way, you likely know this fact.

In the ENB we dissect the dynamics that construct your experience and perceptions, as well as learn to transcend the forces that keep you being affected by everything you confront. We delve into the principles that dominate your self-experience and your relationships. Through discovering overlooked assumptions, both personal and human, you become conscious of forces that run you and so can free yourself from them. We also address the components of effective communication, and successful contemplation. We go further to press your consciousness toward grasping not only the nature of your experience of reality but how it gets created in the first place. The work is intense and advanced, as well as real and powerful.

Heretofore, this valuable and in-depth material could only be accessed by attending the workshop, or buying the set of ENB DVDs and participating in it at home. Now, there is another opportunity. Although live attendance is always the most effective way to study it, you now have access to this material in audio form.

The ENB is a live-in workshop that spans a week. The ENB audio course is done where ever you are, and spans a year. The value of spending a year with the material is that it allows you to immerse yourself in each aspect of the work for a week or more, and to study it not just in your contemplations and investigations but also in your life as you live it.

When you sign up for the course you will receive a pdf manual that instructs you on how to best relate to your upcoming course. Then you will receive an audio recording taken from a live workshop, once per week for 50 weeks. The length of time for each lesson ranges from around half an hour to an hour.

Many of the exercises in the ENB workshop are done with a partner and a few with a group others. If you don’t have someone to partner with you can create your own ways to work with the material and create solo exercises aligned with the exercises done in the course.

Sometimes there are visual aspects that go along with the audio, such as drawings on the board, posters, and the like. These are reproduced in the manual so you can see what’s being shown to the participants. You also have the opportunity to listen to live participants asking questions and dialoguing with Ralston as he facilitates them in getting clear regarding any given subject. These interactions are valuable to help you clarify for yourself what’s being asserted and perhaps be alerted to perspectives you may have overlooked.

Whenever you end a lesson you should work throughout the week to fully experience and validate all of the investigations and assertions addressed in that lesson. Make it real for yourself and don’t just intellectually validate it but get to the real nature of the dynamics and principles in your very experience and in your life.

With this method of study, you’re not restricted to any given length of time for an exercise, or how many times you do it. Also, you can listen to any lesson as many times as you need.

If you want a live experience come to a workshop. Live interaction allows dialogue and clarification that this course cannot. The great strength of this course, however, is that you have a year to work on it one piece at a time and immerse yourself deeply into each aspect of the material before moving on. You can also repeat anything as many times as you want.

Note: the material is copyrighted and can’t be reproduced or passed on without permission, when you register you agree to protect this copyright.

Cost: $799 

Duration: 1 Year