Cheng Hsin Martial Videos

Showing effortless power with exercise balls

Find the ground

Pull with the ground

Effortless push

Secrets, Discovery interview

Opening talk, Discovery interview

Joining, Discovery interview

Honesty, Discovery interview

Timing demonstration

Relating talk

Free play clip

Body-being talk


Blazing speed

Body-Being intro

How to practice Tai Chi

New Tai Chi set clip

Tai Chi Set clip 2

Teaching Tai Chi

Folding in demo

Slow motion techniques

Slow motion pushes

Teaching the leading rollback

How to push

Body throw

Effortless punch, slow motion

Free play

Dynamic leading rollback exercise

Distance exercise

Getting natural

Stick exercise

Twist instruction

Sword set clip

Balance sword exercise

Sword play slow motion

Sword instruction clip

San Shou clip 1

San Shou clip 2

San Shou clip 3

San Shou clip 4

San Shou introduction

Choy Lin, Cheng Hsin MMA clip

Pa Kua blends

Free play front splitting throw

Free play shoulder throw

Fight play demo clip

World tournament clip, Peter Ralston

Outside leg lift, apprentice demonstration

Major outside foot sweep, apprentice demonstration

Boxing, apprentice demonstration

Body throw, apprentice demonstration