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There are no events currently scheduled. (To learn more please read below)


Sat=True, Sang=company; usually referring to a gathering pursuing the Truth.

After a successful run of online Satsangs I would like to open up the possibility for people to interact with me online for a set period of time (TBD). To learn more about how to join me online please read below.

For these meetings I will probably focus us on a particular subject matter or arena of inquiry. I may talk for a while and then open for questions and dialogue with as many people as I can. The session will last from 1-1.5 hours. I might read from one of the books and dialogue about your understanding of the communications. If you have selections you’d like addressed or personal questions about your contemplation or consciousness work feel free to request these subjects.

Obviously, we can’t schedule a time that would conveniently serve the whole planet so we have tried to do the best we can to serve most of you. See the time chart below, which ranges from Sydney to Europe.

If you aren’t within that range it may be too late or early for you to join us. After signing up, you will receive a letter of instructions on how to relate to the sessions and manage the technical logistics. Then, 5-15 minutes before we are scheduled to begin a session you will receive an email with a link for you to join.

If you are interested please CONTACT ME and you will be notified when I open up for another round of online Satsangs.

I came here looking for access to the Satsang Archives

If you want to access the satsang archives they are now available in a course format. Click the picture before to get more information.