This series consists of 2 videos instructing the viewer in performing the 38 move Cheng Hsin Functional San Shou set. This is a choreographed two person set where one person performs a technique — ranging from striking (using fists, feet, knees, elbows, and shoulders) to throwing, joint locks, uprooting, and pins — and then repeats this technique allowing the partner to neutralize it and respond with their own technique. This process continues back and forth throughout the setInstead of simply going through the motions, we learn to do and practice each technique in a functional way. This means the technique is actually done — an uproot is practiced by uprooting your partner, a throw by throwing your partner, a joint lock by applying the lock, a pin by pinning. The strikes are done by using your palm or foot, etc., to practice applying a real force but in such a way as to not injure your partner. Each technique is done once functionally, and then repeated so that the partner can neutralize or join this more realistic technique, and in turn apply their own technique. This is done for each move throughout the set. In this way, you develop more realistically, improving your skills and abilities through training, rather than merely improving a choreographed dance. You’ll also be introduced to some of the basics and games of Cheng Hsin Choy Lin (our mixed martial art) to create a better context and more realistic skill level for your training.

Through this training you become familiar with many possibilities that you’d probably never have thought up by yourself. You also learn different ways to relate to a complex cross sections of applied martial techniques. This trains your nervous system and brain to be able to more readily recognize and quickly respond to a wide variety of forces. And it’s fun.


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