This set of videos represent the finest instruction in the striking arts to be found anywhere in the world. Cheng Hsin boxing arts are unmatched in their depth of intelligence and level of understanding about the nature of effective interaction. Not only do we develop effortless punches and learn invincible defenses, our strategic understanding, especially in the advanced stages, plumbs rarely visited domains of human mind and perception, not to mention physics and physiology.

The video series exists in two parts. The first set, Cheng Hsin Striking Arts, consists of four videos and is available to anyone. The second set, Advanced Cheng Hsin Striking Arts, consists of three videos that are available only to Cheng Hsin students who’ve attained at least Degree One.

The Cheng Hsin Striking Arts series covers instruction from the ground up to develop all of the basics of boxing. Correct and powerful punching — using the body designed around mechanically sound principles — dodging, footwork, strategies, kicking, and more are all laid out and taught step by step. We investigate domains such as distance, timing, unity, force, perception, and feeling-sensitivity. We study effective strategic operating principles such as complementing, following, and leading. Studying and learning all that is presented on these videos will lay the foundation to master the basics and the physical domain of the striking arts. This is necessary before going onto the Advanced study.

The Advanced Striking Arts series enters more deeply into the domain of Huan Sheng — the very effective Cheng Hsin operating principles of complementing, following, leading, and cutting. We explore mind and perception, nervous system and brain functions, as well as make new distinctions in space, time, shape, and so on. These are all essential to the more advanced study of free fighting. We also touch on a bit of Choy Lin in order to prepare our minds and bodies to be able to incorporate a mix of boxing and throwing skills. (To Purchase the Advanced Series you must be degree one or above in the Art. Contact Us For Availability)


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