Cheng Hsin

Welcome to Satsang with Peter Ralston Online!

Sat=True, Sang=company; usually referring to a gathering pursuing the Truth.

For these meetings I intend to begin with a short talk, setting the “theme” for the session (but I can be long winded so it may not be short). Then I will open for questions and will dialogue with as many people as I can. The session will last from 1-1.5 hours. I suspect in the beginning my talks will be more general and introductory in nature and over time may become more specific. At some point I might read from one of the books and dialogue about your understanding of the communications. If you have selections you’d like addressed or personal questions about your contemplation or consciousness work feel free to request these subjects.
Day and Time:
We plan to meet every Saturday. (This may change if the majority prefer a different day.)
Note: Our first meeting will be happening on May 2, 2020.
Obviously, we can’t schedule a time that would conveniently serve the whole planet so we have tried to do the best we can to serve most of you. See the time chart below, which ranges from Sydney to Europe.

If you aren’t within that range it may be too late or early for you to join us. After signing up, you will receive a letter of instructions on how to relate to the sessions and manage the technical logistics. Then, 5-15 minutes before we are scheduled to begin a session you will receive an email with a link for you to join.

Please fill out the form below to signup.