Learn About the Three Month Training Programs

The Three Month Training Programs are intense, on-site programs. These programs are available only when no Apprentice Program (martial or consciousness) are going to occur that year. The stronger option of a 7.5 month program is always prefered, yet if too few sign up for apprenticeship, this leaves the door open for a 3 month program to enter the scene. The availablity will be known no later than November of the year prior to when the 3MTP would take place. (For visa waiver country students, no visa is necessary for 90 days, and so no visa is necessary for either of the 3MTPs.)

There are two possibilities for the Three Month Training Program:

One is a MARTIAL oriented program which would occur in the spring (mid-March through mid-June).

The other is a CONSCIOUSNESS oriented program and occurs from late-July through late-October.

These are serious training programs that bring greater rewards than participating in workshops alone.

The Martial 3MTP begins just before the Month-long Retreat, and continues for two additional months. The Martial Training Program will be primarily about the Art of Effortless Power, perhaps some boxing and sword and whatever else the students want to work on. We will also do some ontology sessions on Sunday evenings to further the student’s understanding of this essential aspect of Cheng Hsin. This is NOT the Apprentice Program, but it is the next best thing.

The Consciousnes 3MTP begins in the summer and ends with the Fall Workshop Series. For the Consciousness Program it is highly recommended that you’ve done the ENB at least once, and preferably the CI as well; and it’s requisite that you’ve read The Book of Not Knowing at least twice. The Consciousness 3MTP will be a study of the consciousness work as found in “The Book of Not Knowing,” and include a great deal of contemplation and many diads and exercises to work on increasing consciousness and attaining enlightenment. There will be daily faclilitation and dialogues with Ralston. You will confront personal transformation.

Length: Three months (actually 90 days)

Hours per day Training: 8-10 hrs. (minimum)
Instruction/facilitation per day: approximately 2 hrs.

Sample Schedule: Mon. – Sat.
7:00 — 9:30 am Training
10:00 — 12:30 pm Training
6:00 — 9:00 pm Training
(Sunday: 9 — noon)

Students will sleep in the dojo; cots, bags, foam, etc. will be supplied
Students will keep the dojo clean and spotless
Students will buy their own food and cook their own meals at the dojo (except during workshops)
Plates, cups, hot plate, microwave, refrigerator, etc. are supplied
The group must have at least one car (no more than three)
The pool and hot tub are available at certain times.

Cost for the entire program: $8,000 (this includes the month-long CH Retreat).
This is the least expensive value offered except for the Apprentice Program.

For the Martial Program in order to obtain a $8,000 tuition fee a non-refundable deposit of $500 is due by Nov. 15 (four months before the start of the program). If the deposit is paid by Jan. 15 for the martial program then the fee will be $8,500. (Without deposit: 9,000).

For the consciousess program In order to obtain a $8,000 tuition fee a non-refundable deposit of $500 is due by Jan. 15 (five months before the start of this program). If the deposit is paid by May 15 for the consciousness program then the fee will be $8,500. (Without deposit: 9,000).

The remaining tuition will be due up front and for the whole program upon arrival. I’m not open to people “trying” it out for a while, or giving up in the middle.

Depending on how advanced one is when he starts will determine the his rate of progress.

Depending on the needs of the participants, the program may be open to some modification. But commitment and discipline are not optional.

This is really the way Cheng Hsin was meant to be learned!

Think about it. If you are ready to take on this training program and to commit yourself to some serious work, let me know as soon as you can and I will consider your application. If accepted, I will inform you of registration procedures, and what to do next, and will begin coaching you on ways to prepare. If you have any questions or concerns, let me know and we will see what we can create together. If interested Contact Us.

Good luck,
Peter Ralston