Empowering Life Video Course


Empowering Life: Ending all Unnecessary Suffering—a year-long video course

with Peter Ralston


Most people suffer some form of malaise as a constant life experience. Perhaps you get caught up in worry or angst, despair or depression, reaction or irritation, or maybe you long for something you don’t have, want a better life, reach for ideals never attained, perhaps you feel lonely, worthless, or flawed in some way, or in some way, subtle or gross you may have a sense of being incomplete. Does any of this domain of suffering sound familiar to you? It is extremely likely you do, pretty much all humans engage in such painful experiences.

In this year-long video course, you will learn how to end all of that. No kidding. It is possible to do away with all unnecessary suffering, and instead have an experience of being complete and happy with your life. Doing so is up to you, but I promise it is completely possible and doable. This is the job of the new video course, Empowering Life: Ending all Unnecessary Suffering. 

In this course, you will read assertions, study videos, and do assignments throughout the week to experience and incorporate applicable principles into your life. Doing this work, you will have the ability at hand to end the vast majority of suffering, subtle and gross, in your life, and to experience being complete and happy with life as you live it. Of course, it is up to you to do so, but I promise, through understanding and adopting the assertions and facts presented in this course, you can. Does that sound like some life changing experience you’d like to take on? If so, do the course!

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