Skill DVD's

Introduction to the Cheng Hsin Arts

Compiled from several workshops in Europe, this video contains demonstrations of uprooting and throwing techniques, solo sets of movements, sword, punching, and more. Peter Ralston lectures on a variety of subjects such as Cheng Hsin Body-Being development, Effortless Power, Leading, Outreaching, Applications, and Freeplay. Highly recommended viewing for workshop participants.

Principles of an Effortlessly Effective Body-Being

Principles of an Effortlessly Effective Body-Being reveals the dynamics and principles of a Zen Body-Being. Fully explained and demonstrated, with tons of exercises and practices. A very comprehensive 3 DVD set, distilled from decades of insight and teaching.

Cheng Hsin Tai Chi Set with Peter Ralston

Featured in this DVD is the Cheng Hsin Tai Chi mini-set and the 64 move set. Also learn one of the most crucial aspects practicing Tai Chi. It is not what movements you do but how you do them that matters most. 

Mastering Effortless Power DVD Series

Four DVDs teaching everything needed to master effortless power.

The Art of Effortless Power Instructional DVDs

Detailed demonstration and instruction each level of the Degree Requirements in The Art of Effortless Power.

Cheng Hsin Striking Arts DVD Series

Seven DVDs covering the entire scope of the great Cheng Hsin striking arts, primarily boxing, and a quick look at some Choy Lin (Cheng Hsin Mixed Martial Arts).

Cheng Hsin Sword DVD

Instruction in the sword set and sword play.

Cheng Hsin San Shou

Two DVDs instruction in the functional Cheng Hsin San Shou set, with a little taste of Choy Lin, Cheng Hsin’s version of MMA.

Fight Play Demo

  • Clips from Peter Ralston’s full contact fight in 1978.
  • A segment of a free play session with Ralston and a student. 
  • A demonstration of a cross section of Cheng Hsin techniques and games from the 2006 Martial Apprentice Program.

Discvoery Interview with Ralston 2006

Peter Ralston talks about Martial Arts in this interview for the Discovery Channel.