Throughout millennia of human history the primary weapon has been the sword. Today, even non-martially oriented people often seem fascinated by sword play. It is an intriguing study, and teaches us many things.

For example, we get to investigate our relationship with objects. Learning to more effectively handle one object increases our ability to relate to and manage any object. Mastering the sword helps you learn to more effectively use all objects. We also train to improve our own body to be able to more effectively use our center to relate to the sword’s center.

Perhaps even more significant are the changes possible in our own mind and self. Rather than forcing our will and strength onto the object, we learn to “listen” to the demands of the sword and so join with it. Although we provide the energy and “life” to the object, in turn we surrender to the nature and requirements that are intrinsic to the sword. In this way, instead of being in conflict with the sword we form a union with it.

Sword play is also fun. Learning to interact in sword fighting teaches many skills and perceptive sensitivities unavailable without such play. In the domain of combative interactions, sword play is almost unique in that it takes strength out of the equation and pretty much equalizes any strength or weight discrepancy between the players, making skill level the only determining factor.

In this DVD Peter teaches a 30 move set of movements, which is broken down into small segments so you can practice these moves before going on to the next segment. He also teaches a short two-person sword fighting set, introduces some games as well as demonstrates the basic ideas of Cheng Hsin sword fighting.

Duration: 1 hr 15 min

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