Not-knowing is a natural and healthy aspect of being alive, but in our culture we have no foundation upon which to understand it. Placing ourselves in a negative relationship to something that is fundamentally true in our own daily experience is a very silly and damaging thing to do. To go through life as though […]

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  Emptying Your Cup Exercise 2:34 The Book of Not Knowing. Go through everything you believe or hold to be true. As best you can, bring to mind all that you know. Everything that comes up for you that you consider true, or assume is true, ask yourself whether you have actually experienced it or […]

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As we begin to recognize and challenge the many assumptions we live by, we uncover a new freedom and open possibilities. It becomes clear that we need no longer take any of our assumptions as reality. At any time, we can set them aside, open up to not-knowing, and seek out a more genuine experience. […]

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Consciousness Exercise Without taking for granted or overlooking the obvious, ask what is the “mind” of a tree? Do animals “think?” If so what do they think, how does it occur? Does a worm think? How does concept show up in various creatures, if it does? Find out more at PersonalEmpowerment.Me. Join the discussion on Facebook […]

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Without the clutter of opinions and beliefs, we are free of bias, and free to look in any direction. We are no longer stuck in beliefs or conventions, or limited by our cultural histories or individual past experiences. We might even approach real wisdom, since rather than the usual sophisticated juggling of facts and opinions […]

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