7.56 Genius of Being

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If matter, perception, and thought only change form but nothing comes or goes, this suggests that the essence of existence has no form. -Peter Ralston The quote comes from Genius of Being, which is now available for pre-order. Find out more at PersonalEmpowerment.Me. Join the discussion on Facebook with Conscious Dialogues.

Peter Ralston Holland Interview

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Last summer while doing a retreat in Holland, Peter sat down for an interviewed with a Dutch T’ai Chi magazine. The interview was in English then rendered into Dutch. We’re making it available to you in the original English so to share it more broadly. The theme is mostly about Cheng Hsin Art’s relationship to […]

6.5 Genius of Being

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There is an inverse relationship between the amount of programmed instinct a creature is born with and the amount that it can, and must, learn. The greater its capacity to learn, the less instinct can be programmed in, and the more instinct accompanying birth, the less the creature is able to learn. -Peter Ralston The […]