We’ve changed the entire format of the Spring Retreat! In this year’s Spring Retreat we now start with two weeks in the Art of Effortless Power, followed by two consciousness workshops.   PART ONE: The Art of Effortless Power In Part One of this month-long Retreat we devote two weeks to study the Art of […]

There are consequences for assuming and living as an entity residing inside a body and mind. Being isolated and existentially alone is a big one, but the way you relate to this identification of a “you inside” also makes a difference in your experience and your world view. You can see that living as an […]

In addition to your social concerns and beyond, the domain of beliefs also has a strong influence on your experience. Since beliefs are usually just “lived from” rather than inspected, it can be difficult to see their real influence. -Peter Ralston The quote comes from Genius of Being, which is now available! Find out more at PersonalEmpowerment.Me. Join […]

Consciousness Exercise If integrity is being whole, complete, and being aligned with what you take a stand for, then, what can’t you do if you have a lack of integrity between your internal experience and your relationship with others? What is unable to happen for you if you do not act with integrity? What’s missing?   […]

Consciousness Exercise In the very act of perceiving, much of the world you experience is created. Try to discover how much that is. What is added to the reality you perceive by interpretation and recognition and association? If you take those activities away, what do you have left? Find out more at PersonalEmpowerment.Me. Join the discussion […]

DOWNLOAD HERE In this consciousness episode Peter Ralston talks about the distinction of being a body vs. being a self.   More information: PersonalEmpowerment.Me

DIRECT DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE Peter Ralston talks in this episode about critical thinking and it’s role in democracy. He also talks a little bit about greek and roman culture. More information: PersonalEmpowerment.Me

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