George Savvides Strovolos, Cyprus Hi Peter, I am listening and reading your work for some time now and I have some questions regarding some things if you could please help me whenever you have free time: 1. Getting enlightened and understanding the higher truths of life necessitates the “opening up” of new brain grooves and […]

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Click Here DOWNLOAD HERE In this episode of the Consciousness Podcast, Peter Ralston talks about the context in which we normally hold emotion and a new context in which emotion can be held. For more information please visit: Join the discussion on Facebook with Conscious Dialogues

Becoming conscious of who and what you really are is invaluable for transformation, but this awakening alone doesn’t accomplish it for you. For the most part, any personal changes that occur must be done consciously and deliberately, or else little about the self is changed. Without intervention, the automatic programmed self-mind will still tend to […]

Consciousness Exercise What is a way that you are in life that seems characteristic to you? This could be anything from ways of thinking to emotional patterns, behaviours or particular quirks of you. Look at that way of being. What does it get you? What is doing for you? What is it maintaining? Learn more at […]

Simply wanting to know an answer or requesting information is not a true question. Questioning as a genuine and powerful activity is real wondering—dwelling on and wondering about a subject, and being open to the possibility of realizing something about it that you do not now know. Such profound questioning remains unattached to any answer […]