The Principles of an Effortlessly Effective Body-Being DVD set: This instructional course includes three DVDs offering communications from master Ralston on the study and development of an effective use of the body. This includes re-aligning the body’s structure, appropriate shifts in mind adopting more powerful mind-states, and related considerations in biology, physics, and psychology. This course also includes exercises and practices to help you work on each consideration proffered. The aim is to move toward the kind of body development that is most functionally effortless and effective.

Although originally crafted for the purpose of high-level martial skill, it can be applied to any other physical activity or sport, and is useful for simply improving one’s bodily experience. This course is related to the material in the Zen Body-Being book—which is highly recommended reading. It also relates to the year-long Body-Being eCourse of the same name.

Those who sign up for the Body-Being eCourse, or who have taken it in the past are qualified to receive a discount. Just contact us, include the dates that you took the course, and ask for the discount. We will verify the enrollment and send you an invoice for the reduced price.

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