Inquiry and confrontation with the nature of thinking and feeling, of experience and perception, and of being a “self”.

This course should not be taken on lightly. The title means what it says. Our focus is on understanding the deeper workings of mind and self — the egoic dynamics that dominate all our perceptions, actions, and reactions. Part of what makes this course so powerful is that it’s much more than just an intellectual consideration with a goal of acquiring “knowledge.” In each lesson, what we’re after is a genuine experience of the matter.

You will be asked to challenge and question your beliefs, your motivations, your emotions, your very way of being. As the course unfolds and your ability to question grows, we will advance toward a more direct and authentic experience of Being. Emotional reactions are likely to arise, and you will need a commitment solid enough to see you though these obstacles. Freedom from your own self-mind is an exciting and truly powerful experience. You’ll find it’s worth confronting any challenges that may come up as you progress toward comprehension and greater awareness.

Reading should include:
The Book of Not Knowing

You may also benefit from reading:
Reflections of Being

Ancient Wisdom, New Spirit

This material has a way of shifting and resonating within our experience so that we can virtually never approach it from the same perspective twice. That’s part of what makes it so exciting!

Duration: 1 Year