The Principles of Effective Interaction (PEI) is an investigation into the “facts” of psycho-physical interaction. Rather than improving our experience of social relationship, as in the TER, our goal in this course is to identify and practice (learn to train) the components of effective interaction.

The emphasis here is on interaction where those involved are relating from self-interest, often competitively, such as in sports, business, public speaking, sales, recreation, martial arts, games, etc. The purpose of such interactions is to accomplish a predetermined result make a sale, throw an opponent, win the chess or tennis match, run a business, etc.

Success in such relationships requires the ability to manage conflict. Since the goals and interests of the parties involved are disparate, and often antithetical, conflict will tend to arise in some form. Simply interacting with others in life often necessitates conflict resolution.

The purpose of the course is to gain an understanding of the nature of effective interaction, as well as to identify anything that stands in the way of relating effectively. To accomplish this, you will learn to observe and question your actions, your motivations, your perceptions, and the functions of your mind. You will learn about the components and principles that make up interaction, and especially effective interaction, moving toward an ability to interact more skillfully.

Reading should include, but isn’t limited to: 

Cheng Hsin Tui Shou: The Art of Effortless Power “Book II – The Nature of Ability” 

Zen Body-Being – Cheng Hsin Books

And Videos: 

Introduction to Cheng Hsin Arts Cheng Hsin Skills 

Discovery Interview with Peter Ralston, 2006

Duration: 1 Year