Peter, May I summarize: “being is instantaneous, immediate & out of nothing” without error as you see it? My current problem then is the continuity of being, but you say continuity is a self problem, eh? Thanks for The Book of Not Knowing and all the courses I took in our past. Namaste, Love, Mark Russell […]

Peter I have read this over and over. I don’t think I understand: The Book of Not Knowing 25:39: We’ve seen that distinction doesn’t mean separation. That’s true even of Being and self. Simply because we’re conscious of what “being” is doesn’t mean it is separate from self or somewhere else other than the self. […]

Peter, Reading your responses to others in the newsletter helps me to write. I’d been working “what” and I got something. I was in the tub contemplating and moving my hand, asking “what moves the hand?” I got it. I was what moved the hand as itself. I was the thing! There was no doubt that […]

George Savvides Strovolos, Cyprus Hi Peter, I am listening and reading your work for some time now and I have some questions regarding some things if you could please help me whenever you have free time: 1. Getting enlightened and understanding the higher truths of life necessitates the “opening up” of new brain grooves and […]