Consciously done, conceptualizing is a creative act. Given this, we have the ability to create or imagine some possibility and then fixate on this possibility for some time so that it influences our experience. On an unconscious level this may happen by default due to programming, but freeing ourselves of this ignorant build-up of mind, […]

Consciousness Exercise Look at how trust shows up in your experience. What do you need from others in order to trust them? What breaks your trust with others? What has to happen in order to build or lose trust with someone, or a company, or a group of people?   Find out more at PersonalEmpowerment.Me. Join […]

If we aspire to get at the core of our perceptive-experience, we need to understand what language is. Most people rarely stop and think of language as anything other than simply a means to talk or write to one another. While this is true of language, it misses the real magnitude and existential impact that […]

In addition to your social concerns and beyond, the domain of beliefs also has a strong influence on your experience. Since beliefs are usually just “lived from” rather than inspected, it can be difficult to see their real influence. -Peter Ralston The quote comes from Genius of Being, which is now available! Find out more at PersonalEmpowerment.Me. Join […]

Imagine a reality in which you are an immaterial object residing within a physical body and manifesting as an internal state that, in the interest of persisting as itself, is affected by everything perceived. This generalized description of our personal experience hints at the context for the world in which pretty much everyone currently lives. […]

Consciousness Exercise: Think of a time when you kept your word. What was that like? What happens when your words and actions are aligned? How does this change your experience of yourself? What are you able to accomplish in your life? Find out more at PersonalEmpowerment.Me. Join the discussion on Facebook with Conscious Dialogues.

Consciousness Exercise: Put your attention on something that feels solid in your experience. It could be a thought, or a feeling, or something that seems very real that is happening to you right now. Ask: What is this? What is this thing that seems solid in my experience? What is it really?    Find out […]