When you say “instantaneous, immediate, and out of nothing” you are still holding Being as an action, not as “is.”

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Peter, May I summarize: “being is instantaneous, immediate & out of nothing” without error as you see it? My current problem then is the continuity of being, but you say continuity is a self problem, eh? Thanks for The Book of Not Knowing and all the courses I took in our past. Namaste, Love, Mark Russell […]

What is the 2018 Spring Retreat? It is an entire month of immersive study! Read this article to learn more.

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We’ve changed the entire format of the Spring Retreat! In this year’s Spring Retreat we now start with two weeks in the Art of Effortless Power, followed by two consciousness workshops.   PART ONE: The Art of Effortless Power In Part One of this month-long Retreat we devote two weeks to study the Art of […]

How do I get rid of fear?

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Peter, How does one remove fear from one’s consciousness. I have used 100’s of methods for fifteen years that have a certain level of suppressing it vs. actually removing it altogether or to live in an awareness state that allows it to be expansive fear rather than one’s own. I know it’s not mine and […]

Consciousness Podcast with Peter Ralston 51: Creating communications that facilitate

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LISTEN TO THE PODCAST CLICK HERE In this episode of the Consciousness Podcast, Peter Ralston talks about creating the type of communications that facilitate others to have an increase in consciousness. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Click Here For more information please visit:  PeterRalston.com Join the discussion on Facebook with Conscious Dialogues