Learning to question isn’t complicated; in fact the difficulty lies in it’s very simplicity. When we speak of questioning, we’re not talking about going into nature to ponder the meaning of life, or mentaly sailing off into abstract notions of the cosmos seeking some answer. We’re talking about being right here. -Peter Ralston Buy the […]

Simply wanting to know an answer or requesting information is not a true question. Questioning as a genuine and powerful activity is real wondering—dwelling on and wondering about a subject, and being open to the possibility of realizing something about it that you do not now know. Such profound questioning remains unattached to any answer […]

If we aspire to get at the core of our perceptive-experience, we need to understand what language is. Most people rarely stop and think of language as anything other than simply a means to talk or write to one another. While this is true of language, it misses the real magnitude and existential impact that […]

Consciousness Exercise Giving your word is a “speech act,” it’s actually an action. If you give your word and then don’t keep it, clearly you’ve broken your word. The only way people know you is through your words and actions. What impact does that have on how you relate to people and how others relate to […]

You may wonder why you should puzzle over this tricky absolute stuff. Your self is not absolute, and you live in a relative world. Everything that is important to you is relative, so what’s the big deal? If you’re not absolute and care only about you, that may be valid, but find out what you […]

Consciousness Exercise Ask yourself, what is an emotion? Where does an emotion come up in your experience? What is it doing? See if you can find in your experience where each emotion is coming from, where is that place?   Find out more at PersonalEmpowerment.Me. Join the discussion on Facebook with Conscious Dialogues.  

Consciousness Exercise Think about your life story, what comes to mind? Notice what memories you pull up first. What do those memories say about you? What emotions or thoughts have you attached to them? If you eliminate the meaning those memories have for you, does it change anything about how you view your life story? […]

[vimeo 181959486 w=640 h=480] In this episode Peter Ralston is asked What motivated you? from Peter Ralston on Vimeo. Find out more at PeterRalston.com. Join the discussion on Facebook with Conscious Dialogues.

Consciousness Exercise: If you keep your word, it follows that people will trust you to keep your word. If you break your word, they won’t. Think of someone you know who frequently doesn’t keep their word. How does that change how you relate to them? What can’t you do with someone if they break their word? […]

Consciousness Exercise: Bring up a memory you have from when you were a child. What do you remember about it? What thoughts, feelings and events happened in the memory? What was it like from your perspective? Good, now see if you can imagine what it would have been like from a different perspective. What was […]