Consciousness Exercise What is a way that you are in life that seems characteristic to you? This could be anything from ways of thinking to emotional patterns, behaviours or particular quirks of you. Look at that way of being. What does it get you? What is doing for you? What is it maintaining? Learn more at […]

Any single aspect isn’t enough to create a self-identity because any one aspect could be true of any human. Just as ice crystals themselves don’t make a snowflake—it is the individual shape of the many crystals that make it unique and a snowflake—so it is with you. -Peter Ralston   Buy the books at Amazon. Learn more […]

If we don’t project onto the tree the attributes of a human mind, the “tree-self” appears vastly different from our own. Since trees don’t harm us, and give themselves without a whimper to our needs, the common consensus is that they are benign. So we might imagine a rather benevolent selfless creature, infinitely patient and […]

Consciousness Exercise When you think of yourself, what comes to mind? What do you want, dislike, fear, enjoy, relate to? All of these things influence how you perceive and relate to yourself. What story do you have that goes along with that? What do you identify as yourself in that? Learn more at Join the discussion […]

You may wonder why you should puzzle over this tricky absolute stuff. Your self is not absolute, and you live in a relative world. Everything that is important to you is relative, so what’s the big deal? If you’re not absolute and care only about you, that may be valid, but find out what you […]