What is the 2018 Spring Retreat? It is an entire month of immersive study! Read this article to learn more.

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We’ve changed the entire format of the Spring Retreat! In this year’s Spring Retreat we now start with two weeks in the Art of Effortless Power, followed by two consciousness workshops.   PART ONE: The Art of Effortless Power In Part One of this month-long Retreat we devote two weeks to study the Art of […]

2.20 The Book of Not Knowing

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The effects of self-doubt are more prevalent than most people realize. The form and depth of this doubt, however, aren’t limited to low self-esteem. At its root, we’ve seen that we doubt our very existence—we have reason to suspect that somehow we may not be real, that in some way we may not even exist. […]

Consciousness Podcast with Peter Ralston 49: Having a greater depth of understanding helps facilitation

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Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Click Here DOWNLOAD HERE In this episode of the Consciousness Podcast, Peter Ralston talks about coming from a greater depth of understanding during facilitation and how that can help you be more effective at it. For more information please visit:  PeterRalston.com Join the discussion on Facebook with Conscious Dialogues

5.39 The Book Of Not Knowing

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Learning to question isn’t complicated; in fact the difficulty lies in it’s very simplicity. When we speak of questioning, we’re not talking about going into nature to ponder the meaning of life, or mentaly sailing off into abstract notions of the cosmos seeking some answer. We’re talking about being right here. -Peter Ralston Buy the […]

10.12 The Book Of Not Knowing

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If we don’t project onto the tree the attributes of a human mind, the “tree-self” appears vastly different from our own. Since trees don’t harm us, and give themselves without a whimper to our needs, the common consensus is that they are benign. So we might imagine a rather benevolent selfless creature, infinitely patient and […]