2 thoughts on “On Death And Transformation – Peter Ralston Consciousness Podcast

  1. Hey Peter. Thanks for your work.
    I’m currently taking Leo Gura’s life purpose course, in an attempt to better my life practically. Though I can see how it is a “changing of the furniture”, I can also see motivational benefits.
    I’m having trouble between living in the practical culture and world and living a life of contemplation and self-inquiry. So far, I’m 25, I feel like I’m screwing up in my life, especially with different emotions and self-sabotaging behaviors.
    Do you have any advice into resolving this dilemma?
    What has your experience been in resolving these two opposing forces?

    I would think it is largely based on self-survival versus Truth.
    But how can one go towards Truth when it’s so fucking scary! haha.

    Thanks for any insights.
    Wish you well

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